peace is paramount

Nasville, Tennessee.

final tour: nashville, tennessee

so yesterday, we went to a tomato arts festival in east nashville. it was super incredible - tons of tents lined up along the street with different artists selling their work. culture clash of the century - and everybody was so vivaciously friendly. all hail the tomato. 

i bought a bunch of different things, including (but not limited to) a handmade spider and a web out of wire. I literally hate spiders so, so much, but I swear it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. Triggered by such beautiful art. 

festival was amazing, but so tiring. my ankle was not having any part of it, and maybe because of the heat or something, was like popping in and out of its socket. so it goes. 

we went to a few shops by their as well, in the heart of nashville, and by our hostel. i spent way more than i should have on a variety of golden items, such as: a frida kahlo mirror, frida kahlo’s journey, a collection of famous peoples “visual summaries”, stickers, tiny cards, baby buddha statue, essential rings, etc. etc. shoot me. 

i think i forgot to post about our various off-course adventures into random rural towns. sometimes gun clubs. wood trails, parks. anything that was welcoming. we would sit and stare at nature and take an unnatural amount of pictures. well, i would take an unnatural amount of pictures. my eyes have becomes lenses of their own, and i quite literally switch my eye focus or angle my head for a different shot. i brought 3 cameras on the trip: enzo, my beautiful nikon; dalia, my 35 mm film camera (for when i want to take a picture and be surprised when i develop it); and freya, my polaroid (for when i want to take a picture and have it now). I’m needy, what can i say. 

jasons acting like a dictator, so we’re all like 

and then i went out at night, and it was actually amazing! we heard some lovely bands (us royalty + golden youth), and jammed so hard. i got dressed up dolled up buzzed up and danced my balls off. 

for right now, I’m trying to remember this (below). until next time, xx. 


downtown hostel: nashville, tennessee

our hostel is a little bit too nice. i feel well traveled, cultured - like a real young adult. aren’t hostels supposed to be super shitty run down pieces of shit, held together by fate and the will of passionate, vibrant travelers from all over the world?

regardless, I’m enjoying the aesthetics very much. 

this is the 3 person room I’m sharing, which is actually exactly what we all needed. very cozy and comfy space.

this arrangement makes me feel like i could live out of a suitcase and travel for extended periods of time. it seems to me that i don’t need much more than cameras, journals, food, my phone, etc. essentials. I’m excited to see how far I’m willing to take my travel bug. 

nashville, tennessee

so driving up to this was the absolute most incredible feeling. 


it’s absolutely wild how much each of us is craving adventure. maybe it means something different for us all in the grand scheme of our lives, but we’re using our travels as the way to get there.

traveling teaches you a lot about yourself, how much you love yourself, and how willing you are to take care of that entity. it allows you to truly target the areas of life that you want to explore. i feel free and capable and those are two feelings i will die holding onto.